Sept 1 - Oct 15 2007

Best Patio to See the Sunset
by Julia Dodge

Mudd's, San Ramon, (925) 837-9387 |

Sometimes you need to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy being a Californian. On Mudd's two-acre property, where hummingbirds buzz among wildflowers and organically-grown vegetables, and the breeze flows through the foothills from the west, you can sip a glass of a local wine and truly appreciate your prime location on the planet.

A dinner at Mudd's validates owner John Ebert's theory: A dining experience should be a two-hour vacation.

Referred to as "the epitome of a California Cuisine restaurant" by its local customers, Mudd's boast five outdoor dining areas lining a city-owned garden, once the sole source of organic vegetables and herbs for the restaurant when Virginia Mudd opened it twenty-six years ago. Although Mudd's now acquires most of it produce from other local farms because of the sheer volume needed for cooking at the restaurant, plots of land around the restaurant are used for private gardening and agrarian education, and guest are encouraged to roam the garden pathways for an after-dinner stroll.

If a cat wanders up to your table, don't fret - that's just Flower, the house cat. A resident of the restaurant's office, she often roams the gardens to play with romping children or greets customers at the front entrance.

Tri Valley Magazine
July/August 2007 Issue

Al Fresco Delights
by Carol M. Newman


Twenty-five years in the restaurant business is a lifetime, but now Mudd's feels like a kid again.

New chef Darren Robey, a refugee from wine country, has ditched the steak and potatoes theme preferring to raid the restaurant's extensive organic garden where the wild turkeys roam and the deer and the gardener play. Robey's deft touch packs nourishment and surprises. His Smoked Trout Salad features fresh spring peas and fava beans, both so vibrantly green you may be tempted to pop them like candy. Chicken roasted and served with sautied fava bean leaves makes for a new eating experience. The accompanying spring onions are turned into a velvety and sweet soubise with finely chopped vine-ripe tomatoes in a bright relish. A recent remodel opens up the back patio so your search for an outside table with an unobstructed garden view just got easier. With a 10-acre garden, feel free to take your drink for a stroll. You'll marvel at the variety of fresh bounty.

10 Boardwalk Pl., San Ramon (925) 837-9387

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