The Mudd's Truck is a 1949 Chevrolet (3800 Series)1 ton flatbed truck. It was purchased by the restaurant in June, 1996 from Dad's Locksmith in Danville, CA. Although we are currently in the process of tracing its history, we are told that it was built at the Oakland, CA General Motors truck plant in January, 1949 (thus making it just two months older than Proprietor, John Ebert). Rumor has it that the vehicle served as a hay truck for a farm in El Dorado County (near Placerville, CA) and that the current odometer reading of 75,000 miles is accurate. Since its purchase, we have installed a new wooden bed on the back, completely rebuilt the front end suspension and, for safety and reliability, converted the electrical system from 6 volt to 12. The mechanical work has been performed by Rob Muhleman at Valley Import Center in San Ramon (925) 838-0991.

The truck is legally registered in the state of California with the personal environmental license plate of: MUDDS. The reproduced 1947 plate with the 1949 tag was done for us by Jim's License Plate Refinishing of Pleasanton, CA (925) 462-1506.


Additional information, including parts and restoration links for Classic Chevrolet Trucks will be included in the near future.

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